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Need Help? We've Got Your Back.

Welcome to Bentley Systems Support! Here, you’ll find everything you need for using Bentley software smoothly. Whether you’re new, an admin, or need help, we’ve got you covered. From getting started to troubleshooting, find answers, resources, and community support all in one place.

Nuevo usuario

This is a great place to start when you are a new Bentley software user. Shorten your learning curve.

Recursos para el administrador

Find everything you need to easily download your software, register your users, and manage your software licenses.


Tanto si usted es profesional, estudiante o profesor, le facilitamos el acceso a valiosos recursos de aprendizaje. Aquí tiene algunos recursos que puede consultar.

Security & Policies

Our security and privacy controls are regularly scrutinized by independent auditors, achieving certifications and reports that affirm our commitment to our users. Access policies, agreements, and more.

Celebrate Infrastructure Delivery & Performance Excellence

El Evento Year in Infrastructure y Premios Going Digital Awards 2024

Nominate a project for the most prestigious awards in infrastructure! Extended deadline to enter is April 29th.