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Diseño de subestaciones

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Electric Substation Design

Optimize Substation Design and Analysis

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Accelerate the Delivery of Substation Projects

With an ever-increasing number of substation design projects to complete, you need a solution that streamlines design and analysis workflows, enhances team collaboration, and manages data from multiple sources regardless of format, scale, or complexity. 

Accelerate the delivery of your substation projects by eliminating redundant data entry and automating construction drawings and bills of material. Ensure compliance and safety standards with digital clash detection, sag clearance, and lightning protection models. Optimize your project management and team collaboration by sharing linked and cross-referenced drawings, documents, and updates in real time.

Entregue proyectos a tiempo

Digital design makes it easier for you to visualize and document substation plans, link drawings to inventory, create accurate bills of material, and collaborate with other departments and stakeholders so your projects are delivered on time. 

Reduzca los costos

Gain greater accuracy and control over your designs, documentation, and workflows. 3D models that are linked and cross referenced to protection and control drawings can automate analysis, ensure engineering standards, and reduce costs. 

Optimize Workflow

Manage your designs your way. Bentley’s open architecture gives you the ability to integrate other applications and simplify workflows, mitigate duplicate data entry, and optimize your processes for quicker project delivery and lower costs. 

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Electric Substation Design Solution


Building a resilient network

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Reality models provide accurate information and revolutionary viewing angles, which enable quick and safe design decisions, and allow construction crews to reduce outage times, resulting in a resilient network.

La energía esencial reduce los costos y la huella de carbono en el sector energético de Australia

Adopting digital design results in cost savings of 50% 

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